WOLFMAN ADVENTURE – take a brave hero across the levels full of dangers. Help the character cope with monsters and jump on the platforms. Start an exciting journey across the fantasy world of this Android game. Control actions of the character and tap corresponding keys to make the hero jump on the platforms or jump over obstacles. Help the hero escape from monsters or destroy them. The character can defeat any monster by means of jumping on him. Gather coins and set records. Play Game “WOLFMAN ADVENTURE”

Dark Rage: Ultimate

Platformer that combines adventure, RPG and exciting action. Play Game “Dark Rage: Ultimate”

Sky Cannon Balls 3D – Balls shooting game

Hold to shoot balls at objects to break them. Play Game “Sky Cannon Balls 3D – Balls shooting game”

Era of Discord: Dawn Storm

Grand action MMORPG with the tale among thearchy. The unique game mode combined perfectly with the brand new social and battle system. Play Game “Era of Discord: Dawn Storm”

Acient Jewel

Gameplay is absolutely simple to suit everyone’s taste. Play Game “Acient Jewel”