Speed Math 2018 – Pro

Speed math 2018 – Pro is a quick math master game that can make you freaking mad. In this math operations or math master game we give you very short time (1.5~2 sec approx) to decide whether the equation that appears on the screen is true or false. This game gives you an option to choose from Plus, Minus, Multiplication, Divide, Square, Square root, Cube, Cube root, Mix, Relational, Logical, Even Odd, Old New, Low High, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Colors and Direction modes. You can select these modes by pressing the green button on home screen. Play Game “Speed Math 2018 – Pro”

Kids Kindergarten Math

Learning sticks when it’s fun and authentic. Kids Kindergarten Math delivers lessons that are just that! Play Game “Kids Kindergarten Math”

Kids Numbers and Math

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if there was a simple game for preschoolers that made learning numbers and basic math skills enjoyable? There is! It’s called Kids Numbers and Math. Play Game “Kids Numbers and Math”

Math Games – Train your Brain!

Train yourself in math and be a math master! Improve your abilities in the following areas: Play Game “Math Games – Train your Brain!”

New Math Puzzles for Geniuses 2019

Math Puzzles is a simple game that will make you think and find hidden patterns in the challenges, in order to find the solutions. This game helps in enhancing your Play Game “New Math Puzzles for Geniuses 2019”