Global War

Welcome to the open beta of Global War: Rise Of Civilization! Become the excellent military commander in the brand new MMO strategy game! Build a powerful base and troops, lead your heroes into an epic battle, and create powerful civilization to rule the cities and miracles. Play Game “Global War”

Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord

Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is a turn-based lord-playing strategy game developed by the Chengdu Longyou Studio. The studio created this game world set in the period of the Three Kingdoms mainly based on people’s opinions on other games set in that period. The game is very detailed in depicting the differences between various cities and also the abilities and features of the military officers. The game also applies an appealing battle system in which weather, landforms, and many other factors will influence the result of each battle. Play Game “Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord”

Tactical War: Tower Defense Game

Test your skills in this new tower defense game! Defend your base against countless waves of enemies! Play Game “Tactical War: Tower Defense Game”

Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat Jet Warplanes

Got bored of traditional flight simulation and airplane games? Need some real challenge? Play Game “Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat Jet Warplanes”

Nida Harb 3: Alliance Empire | MMO Nuclear War

Manufacture powerful tanks, forge alliances and together command your army into this modern World War strategy game full of action. Launch massive military campaigns to nuke your enemies and eventually capture the nuclear base. Play Game “Nida Harb 3: Alliance Empire | MMO Nuclear War”