CN Arena All Stars

Hello, friends! This is magic fairy! I made something fun. I will play board games with magical little units modeled after friends of Uland and many of the world’s! Besides, let’s get all the best friends from all over the worlds to play together!

Using these little friends, take the castle, occupy the tiles, and play using your brain.
Oh, look forward to bringing friends from other worlds by magic power. So let’s get started!

■ Collect the cards and complete the deck.
– Collect the various units, buildings and magic of the Cartoon Network!
– Choose from a variety of cartoon network character cards which have the same abilities in animations to configure the deck.
– Use your cards strategically to win the Battle of Arena.

■ Collapse opponent’s castle or capture many tiles to win.
– Position the unit properly on the top, middle, and bottom lines of the Arena.
– strategically place buildings between unit lines to win by attacking or defending.
– Use the unit characteristics and special strategy to defeat the opponent.

■ Meet charming Cartoon Network characters/b>
– Meet the popular cartoon characters of Cartoon Network, such as Finn, Ben Tennyson and Uncle Granpa, Grizzly, Blossom, Prohyas Warrior, Steven Quartz Universe, Gumball Tristopher Watterson.
– Use character emoticons to express different emotions on the game!
– On the World Tour, you can enjoy the stories of animation characters.
* Adventure Time
* Uncle Grandpa
* Ben 10
* Mighty Magiswords
* The Powerpuff Girls
* We Bare Bears
* Steven Universe
* The Amazing World of Gumball

The first online PVP, PVE strategy game featured by cartoon network characters!
Anime characters invite you to the living world of Arena in your hands.
Go to Arena All Stars today and compete with your friends!
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