Cube Sort

Cube Sort – Free

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Tap to control pistons and get cubes onto the correct conveyor, one mistake and its game over. How many cubes can you sort in a row?

The game consists of four main parts, cubes(or boxes), conveyor belts, collectors, and pistons.

The cubes are randomly places onto a conveyor belt and moves the box towards a collector.

If a box enters a collector with a different color, it’s game over!

Your goal is to sort the cubes onto the conveyors with matching colors.

Pistons are controlled by tapping them once to push a box to the next conveyor, or twice to push it all the way to the other side.

If a cube hits the side of the piston its game over.

That’s it, happy sorting!

* Medals for reaching various scores
* Boxes light up when hit close to perfectly
* Compare scores with friends on leaderboards

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