GET OFF MY LAND! | The Wild West Shenanigans! (YLANDS Multiplayer – Wild West Map & Pirate Map)

Y Lands!:
Explore the open-polyworld of Ylands, by yourself or along with your friends. You can gather resources, build ships and sailother ylands, climb mountains or descend to dark depths to find, use, or craft hundreds of items and objects.

We decided to Check out The Wild West Map and The Buccaneer Bay Map (Which Im calling the Pirate Map!) We Roleplayed a little bit…explored a little bit…and shot each other a little bit…

Would you guys want us to try out Exploration Mode? Where we start with nothing and have to craft to survive?
The Other Guy’s Channels!
Music by Epidemic Sound (
Outro Song – Nintendo Hop – Niklas Ahlström
Intro Song – Moose by
ShellShock OST
Thumbnail Art Done by