GIANT FLAMING HAMMER CHALLENGE!! – Clone Drone in The Danger Zone (Clone Drone Gameplay)

Today we return to the clone drone in the danger zone update! We continue today with the brand new challenge mode! The hammer challenge helps us unlock the fire hammer!

Congratulations human!
After we dispose of your body we will put your mind inside a sword fighting robot!
Cut things with your sword!
Your sword is sharp. Use it to cut your enemies into pieces!
Grow your skills!
Will you die quickly and have your consciousness deleted forever? Not if you learn how to fight!
Generous upgrades!
For every battle you survive we give your robot body a FREE upgrade!
Entertaining Commentary!
Commentatron and Analysis-Bot are here to provide useful insights about your inevitable second death.
The arena is your new home!
Please enjoy the remainder of your life here.
There is no escape.

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