HELP! HE DISCOVERED MY BIGGEST FEAR!!- FNAF + Hello Neighbor Style – Duck Season In VR (VR HTC VIVE)

Duck Season is a new horror game, similar to that of FNAF, Hello Neighbor, and Bendy and the Ink Machine. Duck Season! This is a dark stylized game that only seems to get darker as you progress in this creepy Virtual Reality world for the HTC Vive. Today the dog some how discovered my biggest fear in the world!?!

Catch up on what happened first in part 1!…

Summer 1988 and your mom has just rented the coolest new game for your Kingbit Entertainment System. As you play over the course of the day it becomes apparent something is different about this game than the other games you own.

Duck Season is a throwback to the golden age of 1980’s gaming and movies with a hint of horror in a Spielburgian universe. Re-live a slice of childhood as you transported to an eerily familiar memory and play out the dark story that unfolds over a single day/night as your imagination takes over.

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