Macho Cat

Macho Cat – Free

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Do you like brushing furry cats? This relaxing cat game will let you collect hundreds of different items to brush the cats with and make them purr in satisfaction!

It’s a simple virtual pet cat experience with no energy bar or wait time, so you can brush your cats anytime!

Play dress up with your cats by unlocking cosmetics and make your own unique cat. Adopt up to 9 cats and understand different cat personalities and preferences to make them all happy!

How to Play:
Adopt Cat, Select Item, Brush It!

-Pet cute cats with random stuff you never thought of using
-Highly satisfying cat purring experience
-Great for passing time and stress release
-Chill and watch cats doing cat stuff
-Unlock 100+ items to brush cat with
-Silly ragdoll physics moments
-Dress up cats with cosmetics

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