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In 2063, the world we know has ended. The climatic disaster, overpopulation and extensive consumption have resulted in the depletion of all natural resources on the continents. Now, the last resources on earth lie 3000ft below the ocean surface.

Subsiege is an intensified real-time tactic game with main focus on massive 12 player battles. In a grasping deep sea world, you command a hand-picked squad of hero-like units to outfight merciless sea monsters and teams of fierce competitors while your oxygen runs out with every breath. Can you stand the pressure?

Hero-like squads loadout
Merciless struggle against oxygen depletion
Teamwork above all: Share resources, oxygen and bases
Massive 12-player mosh pit
Use deadly environment strategically against your enemies
Underwater paradise featuring stunning illuminated corals, thick black smoker and huge fish swarms

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