WingSuit Wiley 2.0

WingSuit Wiley 2.0 – Free

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Join Wiley in the battle against pollution. The object of the game is to fly as far as you can as fast as you can to escape the evil dark cloud Mr. Pollution. Along the way you can use various power ups such as telekinesis, shield, double coin, coin magnet and wings which give you the ability to ram obstacles. When you ram obstacles or proximity fly it builds your focus meter. Proximity flying is the art of dodging an obstacle at the very last moment. When you focus it slows down time.

Join us as we fly through the streets of French Quarters in NOLA!
Super smooth animation!
Wiley says speed is the name of the game with his super cool wing suit!
Focus to improve your proximity flying!
Use telekinesis to clear your path!
Your speed power up will let you ram anything!
Enjoy our wonderful stereo sound track!
Please use headphones for best sound!

Don’t forget, watch out for that ice cream truck!

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